You are my weakness and my armor.

You are my weakness and my armor.


some things are hard to say.

the microphone falls and hangs on the phone line.

and love, no matter what it is, is an infectious disease.

maybe I've seen too many love movies. I'm looking forward to the wedding.

the most beautiful contract I can think of is to be with you.

I used to look forward to the wedding scene and the appearance of myself in front of you in my wedding dress. You may amaze me that I have never been so beautiful, and you will even cry, hug me and kiss me.

our wedding may be in church, back to our hometown, or even on the sea or by the lake.

but as long as you put a ring on me,

can excite me for several nights.

Love is love

Who doesn't want to be a bit more radiant in simple evening dresses? Take your time to enjoy our vast selection.

because you can accept the worst of each other.

the way you wear makeup, the way you wear mascara,

are my favorite looks.

but I prefer the way you are wearing pajamas at home.

watering flowers on the balcony.

there is our favorite music in the room, sunshine,

underwear with fragrance,

cat's quiet Rest on your chosen cushion,

while you walk barefoot on the carpet,

the room is full of life.

when you are bleary-eyed, but when you go into the kitchen and turn on the gas,

there is white steam in the kettle.

We argue, just like most couples.

and true love is to let quarrels become a form of communication.

this is part of love.

I call you an arrogant bastard, and

you call me a difficult woman.

in love, arguing with you is a sweet interaction.

We tolerate and grow in love with each other.

Love makes our hearts calm and secure.

Shadow is the wife of light.

they love each other but never change each other, nor do they have to change themselves.

they change and adapt to each other, they can neither possess nor separate.

they must exist at the same time, otherwise, they will die at the same time.

I don't know if you are like this. I am a person who pays special attention to rituals.

I think formal things should not be fooled.

so the sense of ritual is very important.

and more because I care about it.

We all like Wong Kar-wai's movies

so we went to Hong Kong to see Chungking Mansions;

We all like to wear black clothes, and your wardrobe is my wardrobe;

We all like Bulgari B.zero1 rings and swear that each other is the only one.

We all like Iceland and rock music, so we are going to travel together where we want to go.

We use the same perfume and wear the same pair of glasses.

Love makes us a person who used to be lonely.

I am all the men in the world, and you are all the women in the world.

I love you, of course.

I am your whole truth, you are my only fantasy. You love me, of course.

I am your four dimensions, and you are my past, present, and future.

We love each other, of course.

you said that on your best day, we met each other.

there is wind and sunshine, and the air is with you.

one evening, we watched Cleopatra at home together.

you told me the story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

they wrote about love in Bulgari during filming.

Richard Burton said:

"I let Elizabeth know about beer. And she let me know about Bulgari. "

the only Italian she knows is BVLGARI'.

"I'll try to make you have it," you touch your finger.

Love is a deep impression after taking off the ring.

I'm glad to meet you. We share the same language.

I am also glad that we no longer need language for each other.

touch your face with your eyes closed and remember what you look like.

and you have just shaved your beard and have a touch of dregs.

you put the back of my hand on your beard

to let me know that you are no longer an irresponsible boy.

you tell me in your ear:

"what you look like is what home looks like."

Today's Boss for dinner is the glittering Bulgari BVLGARI,

to realize all girls' dreams,

Bulgari has prepared a fun Mini Game for you.

Shake it in the original text, and

you will know which Bulgari B.zero1 ring is your own.

and the love word corresponding to that ring is the whisper that belongs to you.

the story that belongs to me that I shake is:

"falling in love with you is like suddenly having a weakness and suddenly having armor."

that's right.

you are my wet pillow machine and

are also a reliable hug behind me.