You are one of my oral ulcers.

You are one of my oral ulcers.


We usually say, "Don't get emotional. Whoever gets emotional is finished."

this is true.

I tried Fermented Bean Drink, the unique flavor of old Beijing, yesterday.

when it was first brought up, I thought the waiter had brought the toilet.

it can't be smoked.

my friend said, well, this one is quite authentic.

my friend is old in Beijing, and I really can't stand the sour smell.

I think so. I ordered it all. Try to have a drink.

my friend Baidu has the effect of Fermented Bean Drink. I feel that I can cure all kinds of diseases, especially for people with the cold stomach. I thought to myself, all right, drink it.

I held my breath and rushed my head to the front of the bowl, just like I usually shovel cat shit. As a result, I didn't hold it back when I was on the front line, it was sour. But when I thought it was good for my body, especially my stomach, I took a few sips.

but in the end, I can no longer feel the sour smell. After losing my sense of taste, the taste is inexplicable. But when I eat something else and drink it, I still can't stand it.

I thought about it later. We all know that many things are nutritious, so we eat them hard to be good for our health, but we don't like the taste of these things. For example, Fermented Bean Drink, such as carrots, such as leeks, celery, rape, mushrooms.

the last thing I can't stand is the taste of rape and Lentinus edodes, but when I was in the group, I ate fried rape with Lentinus edodes for the sake of my health.

sometimes I wonder if this is also the case between people.

many people are very kind to us, but their taste doesn't match their sense of taste.

just stay together, you can bear it, and you will feel good and warm.

and many of the things we like to eat are not nutritious, like the people we like.

they can't teach us, love, they can't teach us life.

they are the benefit of others, you are not to his taste,

but he is to your taste,  but such a relationship is not nutritious,

what do you think you will get if it goes on like this?

but girls are all greedy.

all want to eat delicious food.

it's the same with boys.

in the end, the only people who can keep you healthy are the nutritious people who are good for you.

A person who treats you badly, but you quite like him.

you are angry at why he is such a jerk. You have done so much for him.

he still doesn't care much about you.

you bit yourself angrily.

the emotional wound became inflamed and developed oral ulcers.

the doctor tells you that you should eat something rich in vitamin C if you want to eat tomatoes.

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you ate it. It hurts.

but it tastes good. I've never liked him so much before.

then you insisted on eating tomatoes.

finally found that, ah, the wound is slowly healing.

that tomato is the one who silently treats you.

he stands beside you silently and

will appear when you need him one day.

the person who loves you is a medicine to cure your heart disease.

if you like someone who doesn't love you, he is a disease.

is like an oral ulcer, which is meaningless and will only make you ache.

look back at the people who treat you well.

they slowly cure the pain caused by your oral ulcers.

smile is warm and full of vitamin C.


the right one must cure you.

sometimes we always say,

look at that girl /boy so beautiful /handsome,

how to find such an ordinary object.

I guess it must be because the other person is nice to him /her.

We were all lonely when we came here.

who doesn't want to be cured and warm?

people are animals lacking a sense of security.

The oral ulcer is very painful.

that is the pain left by the relationship that you didn't get.

but there is always someone nice to you who can slowly relieve your pain.

then you will be happy.

laugh only when the pain is gone.

and your smile is what anyone who loves you wants to see.

the one who can cure you is the one who can live a lifetime.