You die if you talk to a girl like this.

You die if you talk to a girl like this.

There are 11 minefields, please pay attention to the detour.

how to avoid question-and-answer conversations with girls? Probably the answers are all boys, but there are so many answers that I have to write a few sentences in the midst of my busy schedule. This kind of question should be asked and answered by girls. But in Zhihu, a concentration camp for straight male cancer (misogyny), women are treated as objects even if they are directly related to girls. Forget it. I won't talk too much about this, or I won't be able to finish it until the evening. Boys and girls chat this topic, I as a single young woman, how to chat can be successful, I do not know, but how to chat yourself to death, I have a say. Those blind dates who were dropped by my pass all died under their own broken mouths. Usually I always write to girls to teach them to be self-reliant and self-reliant. Today, I decided to be kind-hearted and give lectures to men who are willing to learn with an open mind.

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Please correct your mindset before you move on. I'm not a gender expert. I'm talking about my own experiences and ideas. I can't represent all women, and it's not the truth. You may read a certain article and say, "No, I use this trick when I chase a girl, and the girl is very popular." As for me, I won't hit you with the words "the girl is probably just looking for a partner and doesn't care about your level of conversation", and don't argue with me. Everyone has different criteria for choosing a mate in love. The following, gentlemen, are mistakes to avoid when dating and chatting with the girl you love (especially if your goal is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, independent girl):

1. Self-centered

in fact, it is necessary to avoid chatting with anyone, but many men especially like to put themselves in the leading role in front of women. Me everything is about me-- is very offensive. When the other person says something, you have to bring the topic to yourself, and you can't get a word in when you talk endlessly. What's worse, what you're talking about is boring at all. The other person doesn't want to hear it at all and cooperates with you out of politeness. You're a conceited asshole.

2. Shout

Don't rush to say that you don't have this problem. About 90% of the people in the world don't even realize they are loud when they yell. I have seen even more abhorrent is to combine with the previous one, in order to finish their own words, subconsciously raise the tone of voice over others, so that others can not express their opinions. As the saying goes, it is not reasonable to speak loudly, so control it consciously when you speak. If two people happen to speak at the same time, it is basic etiquette to let others speak first.

3. Show off, pretend authority

feel like you know a lot, talk about Xi Jinping as if you had seen it with your own eyes, and talk about the economy as if you were Buffett. The most terrible thing is to talk to a girl in the tone of a leader, as if to ask the other person to listen to your teachings. You can check out the recent "boy crisis" news about how the education level and academic performance of Chinese women compare with men. Sometimes girls silently listen to you talking JB nonsense, is not deeply impressed by you, but in the heart scold you stupid X.

4. Pretend to be pure

blind date, let's not talk about it, talk to girls, get close, explore the style, and don't want the other person to see what you're trying to do, so forget it. Your little ninety-nine, the girl already knows it. The boy thought he only showed a bit of ambiguity, in fact, the performance in front of the girl is not very creepy also has seven or eight points. The girl pretends to be stupid but doesn't want to develop with you. Don't think too much about it.

5. Fake familiarity

you are not a real estate agent, so you don't pretend to be familiar with people. You really need to get in touch with each other. You have plenty of time to get to know each other, so don't fool people with workplace platitudes.

6. Flirting /flirting

Barney Stinson succeeds in picking up girls because the screenwriter makes him successful, not because he is good at it. Those old jokes and buzzwords on the Internet are also said less.

7. If you say "what girls are like" and "girls don't know how to do"

you are a member of the Women's Federation, it's not your turn to summarize the current situation of women. There is only one girl in front of you, so you have to focus on this person, this individual. Girls and girls are different, A honey B arsenic, do not speculate arbitrarily. I have seen too many boys who have done something wrong at this point, and they don't even know they are wrong. Let's take Zhihu as an example to explain it in detail. The girl said that she likes mountaineering, you said that girls generally do not like mountaineering. Your comment (it's an evaluation, an opinion, not a fact, because you haven't done a survey) is directly covered by sexism when you meet a girl with a concept of gender equality; although some girls don't think of it, but they also feel uncomfortable-- what do you mean, I like mountaineering, so I'm not a girl anymore? Moreover, according to the script, you say this sentence in order to lead to further conversation, and the main purpose is not to express your point of view to the girl, what you say you want to offend people for this. The girl says she likes mountaineering, so just ask her where the most interesting place she has been. Sometimes, I don't know, I'd rather not say it, because once you say it, you can't get it back. Keep in mind that don't label and classify people, which is a sign of being very narrow-minded and unknowledgeable.  the girl said she could carry the bucket.   you said, , you are a strong girl-- you say you will die if you don't die.

8. Nothing to talk to

if the girl doesn't want to go on talking to you, she's not interested. If you have to ask a few questions, it will only make people more annoying. I hate one of the questions most: "what are you doing?" . I was at home pretending to have a concert with an iTunes using a comb as a Mac. But why should I tell you.

9. Ask repeated questions

[half an hour later] which side do you live? -female:. Double well. Man: Oh, yes, yes! Can you fucking listen to people?

10. If you are not familiar with it, ask too personal questions

how much is your income? -I don't give you flowers. How many boyfriends have you talked about? -I'm not sleeping with you. How many children do you want? -I don't have anything with you.

11 Comment on others

if girls say they can't cook, you say they can't get married, and you can't get a wife with your IQ. People and people's ideas and views can not be exactly the same, there are some things you can disagree with others, but you should respect them. You are not God, how can you say that this is good and that is not good? You have to understand that a girl won't go to learn to cook for you because of a word you say, so it doesn't make any sense for you to say that. Meaningless words are bullshit. Don't say it if you don't have to say it. Finally, in addition to these, the most important thing is not to focus only on your conversation skills. You may be "good at chatting", but if the content is empty, it still feels superficial and meaningless. It's like learning English. You can bury yourself in the exam for half a month to get a good TOEFL score, but if you leave you in an American family, you may not be able to communicate well with others, because all you have is exam skills. Chat is also true. If you expect to see Zhihu, recite a few jokes and talk about chicken soup for the soul, you can at most survive the first and second dates. One day girls will see who you really are and hear what you really think, and then you can no longer rely on the sidelines for help.  then again, reading more, studying more, broadening your horizons, and improving your self-cultivation can really improve your attractiveness.