You may hang out with one person but wait for another person at the same time.

You may hang out with one person but wait for another person at the same time.


when we know

A person who is likely to have a story with us

only exists for 24 hours in our lives

then how will you spend those 24 hours with this person

will you choose to stay

or leave


"every day you have a chance to pass someone by.

but maybe one day

he will become your friend or confidant. "

Wong Kar-wai met the love of his life Chen Yichen

the lovelorn Wong Kar-wai said to himself

the next one to walk in

if at first glance

then I went to know her

at this time Chen Yichen came in wearing sunglasses

that ink


"it's 03:00 in the morning and my head hurts a little bit."

recently I like a word called Sober

, which means a sober state

many words choose to say

when drunk

I don't believe it. If

and if what you are saying is true

how much I want to believe


"it has been calculated that

everyone spends 1/8 of their life looking for

I don't know how much time is spent waiting."

I think the waiting time in life is much longer than looking for it

because the waiting time can be compared with any other time.

you may be doing one thing

but waiting for another

you may be hanging out with one person

while waiting for another



waiting for the bus to come

in the dazzling neon lights

on Sobrr. Then they will disappear

things they want to send

23:59  Ancient pigeons

Modern mobile phones

if there were cell phones

they would never let each other disappear in 24 hours

in real life, people and others

I will choose to continue to be friends

We are in a hurry

your sentence

I never left

if I feel in tune

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Please make an appointment

I want to know you

still want to know you

How about Sobrr?  after sobering up

Ll, give you 24 hours.



WeChat: sober-moment

An App that is very popular in the United States

now comes to China from San Francisco

brings together global creative fashion

stylized users such as literary and artistic movements

each photo you send lasts only 24 hours

can be taken together. It sounds a lot like Wong Kar-wai's movie

long press the identification QR code

to make everything disappear before forgetting