You really don't have to avoid me anymore.

You really don't have to avoid me anymore.

If someone asks me, do I still like you? Yes, I still like you, but there's nothing I can do.


A girl I know told me that she finally told the person who had been entangling for a long time that she decided to give up.

in her text message to him, she said, "I won't bother you anymore. I'll find my own happiness. You really don't have to avoid me anymore."

she held her phone in horror, waiting for the light on the screen to dim, but never lit again.

"do you think he got my message?" She asked me.

everyone who wants to leave is unstoppable. We drank cold beer in the cold wind, kept company with nicotine in a speeding car, wrapped ourselves in a none of our own story, hoping that someone else would accept the ending for us.  

when you watch the car in front of you at the bus stop, you have to make sure to ask the person next to you, ah, whether the car has already left.

all the stories about you have been heard by others, and even the questions have become cautious. At that time, you looked down on yourself. Chasing after a man, watching that man leave far away, exhausted all his strength.


I used to like a boy very much, but later he kept avoiding me after he knew what I wanted. He asked about all the places I was, avoided showing up, mentioned my topic, only responded perfunctorily, and even told his friends that he didn't know me at all. At that time, I had no idea what I had done wrong. I was afraid of putting pressure on him, so I left in silence.  
 I remember a message I posted at that time, saying, "if it weren't for my liking for you, you would probably think I'm a very nice girl, too."

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There are a lot of empathy in the reply below.

I can delete you in a few seconds, erase all chat records, and even input methods and recent searches can automatically forget your name after a few weeks. This self-directed scene has finally come to an end.

maybe it's happy to give up. Finally, I can stop staring at my phone and other text messages in the middle of the night. Finally, I don't have to refresh his home page every day to see his news. Finally, I don't have to click into the space where I reply to his friends. The stone with shabby feet was finally thrown out of my shoes.

but there is still some pain on the soles of the feet.

Mixed with the cold water and drenched in a mess, she finally couldn't help crying. I cried for a long time in the  



just like at that moment, I finally raised the white flag, and a voice whispered in my heart, "throw in the towel."

Zhang ailing said that if you like someone, you will be humble to the dust and then blossom.

No matter how affectionately I look at you, I seem to have never been in love, as if I had waited for your reply in the early hours of the morning, as if I had never been awake.



disappointment is like change. Save enough disappointment and buy a parting ticket.

turning around is for others to be brave. It doesn't matter if you turn your back and do whatever you want.

if someone asks me, do I still like you?

Yes, I still like you, but there's nothing I can do.