You used to be really nice to me.

You used to be really nice to me.

You know, you used to be really nice to me, and I really wanted to go back to that time.

I don't know when I lost touch with you. Our last word is still in one of my unknown expressions. I think if I were you before, I would reply with a similar funny expression and ask myself, "what are you doing?"

how to say, you used to be kind to me. When you were sick, you were willing to go around half the city to buy medicine for me. When I said you were hungry, you rushed out from the home to take me out for midnight snacks. When I was in a bad mood, you were willing to take me for a ride around. And now every deliberate invitation, you have made an understatement in the past, is not expected once high, disappointment will also become more and more?.

I don't know when I can't hear from you, and it's not that you deliberately refuse to reply, but the replies are all cut off in the last sentences that seem to ask or not. In those paragraphs where there seems to be no need for a reply, they are lying ridiculously in the dialog box, waiting for the next message to appear.

No matter how it is in the past, it just stays in the past. My friends laughed at me for being stupid, saying that I couldn't tell the difference between routines and distractions and that when others casually said a few words and stuffed a piece of candy, I pulled out my heart without reservation and wanted to give him everything I could give him.

when I persuade others to break up, I am always very rational and reasonable, but when it comes to my affairs, I always make excuses for him, which anyone with a discerning eye can see. I have to explain what happened a long time ago. I said to my friends countless times, "he was good to me before, and you don't understand."

but whether they don't understand or I don't understand.

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W said that when I was with him, I would make an appointment for midnight snacks every night. During that time, there was something wrong with her toilet door, and she would ask him for help every time because it only took a few minutes to live close to her.

"I seem to be used to it," W said, "so I'm not used to it now."

during his absence, W learned to spend every lonely night, repairing the toilet door, and ordering takeout on his cell phone. His cell phone is still in his address book, but he just doesn't dare to call again.

once, the toilet door of W's house was broken again. She couldn't do it alone for a long time. She called him. It was still done in a few minutes, but the two didn't say anything in the last few minutes, as if the happy times had ceased to exist.

the narrow bathroom became cold and cruel in the eerie silence of the two people. He fixed the door and said nothing. W whispered, "Thank you."

he used to be very good to W, but now he doesn't seem to have changed, and he seems to have changed a lot.

A lot of things can't go back, even if you insist on repeating the original details, but the mood and rhythm are already different at that time. Things have changed, things have changed.

mourning at the time of loss is a particularly cruel thing because you know clearly in your heart that no matter how much you miss it, what you should go is gone forever, and what is left is different.

what is different, or the time is not right, why you have changed, or my feeling is wrong. I went back several times to read our previous chat records, word by word, to see your mood ups and downs and my tone ups and downs, to see us joking and teasing each other, to see those funny memes made up one by one that only belongs to our jokes.

I looked at it and smiled. I smiled but felt very sad. These conversations happened, and there was real happiness between us. I just don't know when everything changed.

is it as fast as two people become familiar with each other when they become strange? From punctuation began to change, to a word, a word, an expression, and finally, no reply probably means everything.

you know you used to be nice to me.

I miss you very much.

I want to go back to that time.