You young people who are always jealous, you really don't know how serious the consequences are!

You young people who are always jealous, you really don't know how serious the consequences are!

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there is a gentleman girl in Jiangnan Township, who is beautiful, famous far and near, and has many people who adore and pursue her.

the princes of Fujia's family lined up, the high-headed white horse pulled the whole cart of silk and satin, and the black trough wooden boat carried the whole cabin of jewelry and jade, which never broke.

what is inexhaustible in the world is hard to be scarce. The girl just fell in love with a grocer who delivered goods to her family, only because the grocer gave the girl his vinegar when they first met. The jealousy could not be forgotten after a mouthful. Since then, every time the goods were delivered, the two would inevitably meet secretly, and the grocer would bring a small bottle of vinegar to the girl. A small bottle of vinegar was poured into the mouth, and the sour taste went straight to the heart and spleen. When a girl falls in love, so does Lang.

on this day, the grocer came again, but without vinegar, the girl asked why, but the grocer refused to say it.

it turns out that this vinegar is not home-brewed by the grocer. A few years ago, an old white-haired man passed by and rested for half a month at the grocer's house, leaving him a jar of vinegar in return. Before leaving, he warned that the vinegar was delicious and could not be forgotten as soon as he drank it, but the same person should never drink seven, seven, or forty-nine times in a row. Up to today, the girl has drunk 48 times.

but the girl couldn't bear it and begged her to taste another drop. The grocer couldn't resist, and if he thought about the old way, he took off a white jade bottle from his waist and said, "one drop, only one drop."

Girl this drop of vinegar just touched the tip of the tongue, but the sour taste did not go down into the spleen and stomach as usual but rushed up to the head. In an instant, the colors appeared in front of the eyes, red and purple mottled, clouds and fog, the ears are also ringing together, the soft wind blowing fine bamboo, the drizzle beating the spring lotus. At that time, I don't know where I am and who I am. When the clouds dispersed and the Chinese sound went away, the girl's eyes gradually became clear and found that …...

I was half lying on the boudoir bed, and the grocer in front of me was already naked and was pushing toward me little by little. In shyness, she wanted to move, but she felt that her arms and legs were bound by ropes and were so slender that they were stretched out to both sides without any cover. She wanted to look down at her face, but her neck could not bend. Before he could think about it, the grocer climbed up to him, handed over a bronze mirror, and said, "would you like to see what you look like now?"

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the girl only feels hot on her cheeks. How has she ever seen herself like this? But there is a trace of curiosity in the heart, can not help but want to see, after all, this hemp rope tied nephrite incense body, will also be a fascinating scene, right?

as soon as his eyes touched the bronze mirror, he was scared into a cold sweat. The image in the bronze mirror was faint, but I could also see my snow-white belly, but the fastened legs on both sides had turned blue and produced clusters of blond hair.

just listen to the grocer say leisurely: the Taoist said that if you eat too much jealousy, you will become hairy crabs.