Your back.

Your back.

When I slowly looked at his back on the long-distance running road, I was in a trance for a moment and I couldn't find my own way.

there is always a kind of love that is unfair from the beginning.

just as there are always rich and poor people in this world, there is always one person in a relationship who gives more and is often the one who is more "loving". Some love is warm, some love is gentle, some love is careful, is cautious, is humble.

the process of our continuous growth is the process of constantly shaping our personality. "independence" must be the most prominent symbol for us to become adults, from graduation to work, from a simple campus to a complex society. It is because of "independence" that we are respected and recognized.

but why do we start to lose our independence when we fall in love with someone?

because I fell in love with him first, because I chased him first, and I also learned about his hobbies and his taboos in the process of pursuing him. Because I have done my homework and happen to be the girl he likes, we will naturally be together, but in the future life, I dare not easily be my true self.

he is a man who doesn't eat cilantro.

this is his first taboo about eating. Of course, I knew it in advance. When I had dinner with him for the first time, I happened to pretend that I didn't like parsley, and he was surprised to say, "what a coincidence. I don't eat parsley either. This means that if you tell the first lie, you have to tell countless lies to fulfill the first lie. I like parsley very much, but I dare not admit it even more. Should I tell him that I lied to him? Not only cilantro, but I also do not like basketball, I do not like video games, at that time, to get close to him, I tried to understand, just hope to have a common hobby with him, just because I like him, is it wrong?

he thinks we are a match.

Wearing our cheap modest prom dresses will allow you to achieve just the look you wanted. We have a huge selection of cuts and styles to choose from.

I have been avoiding telling him about my family, although we have been together for a year, and every time he asks me, I hesitate to deal with it, so he always thinks that our family conditions should be the same. It is not. I concealed it. The conditions of my family are not good and even do not match the conditions of his family. I just do not know how to say, whether he will feel that the family conditions are not good, and the corresponding pressure will be great. I dare not take such a risk to tell him the truth.

We have a big gap.

although I have made a lot of efforts to get close to him, some things are destined to be different, and even the starting point has deviated from each other's logic. I like quiet, he likes lively, but I am in their group party, will appear out of place, looking at him as a fish in water, I both envy and feel sad. I like literary movies, and he loves exciting special effects blockbusters. When he finally watched a literary film together, he fell asleep midway. We are a lot different, I have been trying to catch up with his footsteps, but he has never stopped, just continues to move on, I also feel harder and harder, more and more feel small and humble.

if you love someone, you are humble to the dust, and then a flower comes out of the dust, it must be a flower watered with tears.

when I was slowly looking at his back on the long-distance run, I was in a trance for a moment and I couldn't find my way. I just kept following his path, trying to catch up, and deviated from my runway for too long. Over time, I gradually lost sight of him, and I couldn't find my way. This process is bound to be painful, and the process of breaking, reshaping, and finding yourself is to deny yourself first and then reshape yourself.

the ego is independent, respectful, and honest with yourself. Only by loving yourself firmly can you love others again and deserve to be loved by others. What is the weight of love to those who lose themselves for love? No matter when love yourself more, maybe being humble can get temporary love, but emotional independence is worthy of eternal love.