Your ex made you.

Your ex made you.

Thank you for dumping me.


Let me ask you a question: if an ex-boyfriend who has been with you for several years is irresponsible to you, but your ex-boyfriend who has a deep emotional foundation and the current boyfriend who is very kind and considerate to you, but you do not have a deep emotional foundation, which one would you choose to propose to you at the same time?

this is indeed a very scary question, but I think if you take this question to heart, you will have the answer in your mind just now.

I want to tell you a story about a friend from my hometown who is three years older than me and is my senior sister in high school.

she once had a scumbag who had been in love with for a long time and is now her ex, and there was a boy who liked her very much at that time. Her kindness to her ex is that she can pick it up when her ex throws her socks on the roof, but the men don't take her seriously. On the contrary, she kept rejecting the boy who was very kind to her, saying that she had a boyfriend and might not be able to accept his kindness and so on. But that boy must be the one who can show up by her side at any time. The scum man never broke up with her Yingying Yanyan in the past three years, and the final breakup was also because of other girls. Later, this senior sister was with the boy who was very kind to her, and she was spoiled as a princess. A year later, her predecessor failed to start a business to borrow money from her. She told her boyfriend about it. Her boyfriend said to lend him money as a favor to his classmates.

she lent him money. Last year, he asked me this senior sister, "I bought a villa and a house. Will you marry me?" 'My boyfriend asked me to help my old classmate, 'she said.' he did the right thing. We only took what we deserved.

Thank you for the wrong appearance, which gives me the opportunity to meet the right person.

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We always say that the boy made us grow up, and the things we experienced taught us to love and live.

but our life is not always so lucky, always encounter some bad, can teach us what is good, how we should choose, there is also a comparison.

yesterday Mimeng wrote an article about a hundred ways to die an ex-boyfriend. On the contrary, I don't think so. When the word "front" is added to the title of all relationships, it means that all the scenery is clear, he is good or bad, and this person has nothing to do with me any more. You just walked a long way together. You should know, for those bad people, there is nothing to complain about, after all, idiots collect one day, there is no need to get angry. If there is no stupid ex, how can we know that the current one is good? If there is no scumbag ex, how can we raise our awareness of prevention? Silly white sweet will meet the scum man, because of the lack of knowledge, the bottom line of the slag is getting lower and lower.

in the face of bad people, if we all become the red guards of love, we will become ourselves instead. Scum men and women will let us grow up, all love has both positive and negative sides, we only see the warm side, but do not know whether there is a sting on the other side of the beautiful side. Scum men and women also let us know that love should not be given in this way, against the context of love growth, there is no good fruit.

and a law you must believe is:

the scum in your hand may become a good man in the hands of others.

the same is true for women.

Love is nothing more than the natural cycle of tangerine, Huainan and Huaibei, one thing falling and one thing falling.

there is nothing to sigh. If the new lover is good enough and the time is long enough, he will seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.


I have also been chasing the play "good Mr." mentioned by Mimeng at the end of the article.

originally went to fellow-villager Sun Honglei, but accidentally even Zhang Yixing fell in love with him.

in the first episode, Sun Honglei and Wang Yaoqing kneel down together to propose to Che Xiao.

the choice of an ex-boyfriend, a current suitor, and the heroine goes back to the question we started with. As for the choice of the heroine, I won't give you spoilers.

this is the first episode. The incumbent calls his ex and asks him to kneel down and propose.

but the so-called marriage proposal can not be forced marriage.

what exactly is a scumbag?

what did the ex-boyfriend do to become who he is now?

in Mr. good, Sun Honglei knows that a person is still in the United States, and there is no news at all. At first, he went to the United States for fear that his girlfriend would be bullied alone in the United States, but in the end, Che Xiao struggled to find him for several years. A breakup that doesn't even say a breakup seems to leave you for your own good, but it's actually an irresponsible performance. So it's hard for us to define the bottom line of a scumbag, because that's what makes us grow. Because of our irresponsible ex, we learn to live alone, to deal with trifles, big and small, and to know what the right person looks like and what the right person means to us. Our predecessors made us, and they taught us that love is not only tender, but also cruel.

maybe deep affection is not a good thing.

knowing who is right is the only way out for love.