Youth means I'm not good at math.

Youth means I'm not good at math.

Youth is not a period of time, but an attitude. For some people, youth never comes; for others, it never leaves.

on her 30th birthday, I received a message from Wechat from Xiao Mei: happy birthday, old lady. I answered her row of scratching faces, pretended to be angry, and said, "Don't forget, you'll always be older than me." Xiao Mei sent a big smiling face, plus two words: really? Before I figured out how to answer it, she said, "I'm not good at math, so don't lie to me."

Xiaomei is 36 years old. her original name is Cai XX. "Xiaomei" is the nickname we give her, the "beauty" of "American TV series", and her life is more American than American TV series. Xiao Mei also has an English name: DQ, means DramaQueen. Xiaomei worked as an accountant, wrote a novel, opened a company, became a rich woman and went bankrupt, and finally found a job she loved farming, so in 2012, she sold the house in the Imperial Capital and contracted a piece of land in Yunnan, which has been planted ever since. At first, most of her friends thought she was crazy, and a few praised her courage. To the former, she said, "do you think I'm crazy has anything to do with me?" That's your problem. " To the latter, she said, "what kind of courage is there?" It takes courage to do what you want to do against your heart. It's just your nature to do what you want to do. When you see that the braised meat tastes delicious, you pay for it. Is that courage? " Someone asked her, "aren't you afraid of losing everything?" She replied, "if you lose all of it, you can earn it again. At the worst, I'll be an accountant again. Anyway, I can't starve to death."

when she was 32 years old, Xiao Mei met a married man at a friend's party. His name was Xiao Qi. One day during his lunch break, Xiao Qi suddenly received a text message from Xiao Mei: I like you. You're married. I don't want to do anything with you. I just want to tell you that you're great and I like you very much. The average man will be scared when he receives this kind of weird text message, but Xiao Qi is also a strange one. He replied: thank you. Xiao Mei: you're welcome. Can you invite me to your house for dinner? Xiaoqi: why? Xiao Mei: I don't think a person like you would choose to get married. So I wonder what kind of woman can take you down. Xiao Qi: I have to ask my wife. Xiao Qi told his wife the whole story. The average woman may be jealous, no matter what will always be a little uncomfortable, but Xiaoqi's wife is also a strange flower, call her a small flower. Xiaobo said, "ask her to come." Does she like fish? "

the night before inviting Xiaomei to dinner, Xiaoba called me: "Lulu, come to my house for fish tomorrow." I said, "good!" Why did you ask me to go to dinner? " Then Xiao Hua told me the above story, and asked me, "do you think it will be a little awkward?" I rolled my eyes into the air and said, "Nima, no wonder it's embarrassing!" "Hey, hey, that's why I called you! See you tomorrow! " Then Xiaoba hung up the phone and left me in a mess in the haze.

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the next day's dinner, four people talked, from Huang Xiaoming's chin to quantum mechanics, from the first date to the ideal of life, from international politics to konjac roast chicken. People can't help but think of the eight big words in the school blackboard newspaper when I was child-serious, nervous, and lively. In a strange and joyful atmosphere, we swept away the delicious food in the bowl. Before leaving, Xiaomei said to Xiaobo, "you convinced me completely. You two are so perfect together. How did you do it?" Xiao, you said with a smile: "I love him, he is free." I was very impressed by the sentence

. A few years later, I saw a friend on Douban and said, "I think the best attitude towards love is -'I love you, you are free.'" But unfortunately, the attitude of most people is, 'I love you, you are mine.' Some people even have the idea that you are mine. This is why there is so much suspicion, defense, calculation, jealousy in love, and the provocations, quarrels, vengeance, and betrayal that follow, and in the end, there is only disappointment, pain, fatigue, resentment, and even despair. " There was a sound of mockery at the bottom: LZ, you don't know anything about love. I'm not surprised about this, because many people just don't believe that there is love that is different from most people in the world. And I firmly believe in the existence of this kind of love, because Xiao Qi and Xiao you are like this-I love you, you are free. So you can face your admirers calmly, face your rivals in love, and even become friends. Nowadays, Xiaomei and Xiaoba are very good friends. In the same plot, if you change the protagonists, I'm afraid there will be a tearing drama that will bring a completely different ending.

once, Xiao Qi and Xiao Bao quarreled. After throwing down the sentence "this life is impossible", Xiaoba slammed the door and went out. That day, Xiaomei and I had an appointment for dinner, but when it was almost time for dinner, she announced in our "Snake sperm Disease support Group" that she had run away from home, and the dinner was canceled. After figuring out the reason, the transcript of the chat is as follows: me: where are you? Xiaoba: Shidu XX Farm Music. Xiao Mei: I'm so envious. I'm going, too! That night, Xiaomei picked me up in a car and went to Shidu. Early the next morning, Xiaoqi appeared downstairs, dressed in a suit and holding a pot of flowers in his hand. Xiaobo said, "what are you doing?" Xiao Qi: "I think you were right yesterday. I really can't live this day, so I ran away from home, too." The little girl who had already lost her temper roared with laughter and ran downstairs. Xiaobo pointed to the flowers and said, "did you give it to me?" Xiao Qi: "Yes, Xiao Mei said I should bring flowers, but I went out too early and the flower shop was not open yet." I just took a basin in the neighborhood. When you go back, remember to remind me to buy a new pot and put it back. " Xiaobo kissed her husband, then looked up at us and smiled, just like a young girl in her first love.

Xiaobao is older than me and Mei. The first time I asked Xiao Mei to guess who was older than me, Xiao Mei pointed to me without hesitation and said, "it should be you." I beat my breast and stamped my feet and asked the sky without words. Realizing that she had guessed wrong, Xiao Mei immediately "remedied": "but …". But you don't look much older than her, a year at the most! "I'm six years younger than Xiao you. Many people wonder how the little flower is maintained. As far as I know, Xiaobo can be said to have "straight male cancer" in terms of skincare. There is only a bottle of shampoo in the bathroom, which is used to wash hair and face. Xiaobo never uses a mask, and every morning and evening, dozens of moisturizers randomly pat her face. This is all her "maintenance" program. Her income is not low, and she is never stingy with money. the money for a table is enough for me to buy furniture in the living room. She is simply not interested inskincaree.

I once asked Xiaobo: "Why are you so young?" She said, "because of love!" At that time, she had not met Xiao Qi. I said, "come on, you are a single woman, where did you get love?" Xiaobo said: "just as you can fall in love with someone, you can fall in love with something, a thing, a hobby." I can follow the beach, sunshine, blue sky, skiing, cooking... Even a book, a chair, a table, and so on fall in love, enjoy their company, and enjoy the sweetness of love. Maybe it's a little creepy to say that, but when you fall in love with a lot of things, you fall in love with life, fall in love with life. " Hearing her say this, I secretly wrote it down in my heart as I was covered with goosebumps.

having written so much, what on earth is youth? Youth is Xiao Mei, Xiao Qi, and Xiao Hua, and those who are as wanton as they are. For them, age is only a mathematical concept, and they are often "not good at math" and completely ignore their age. They never say to themselves, "what should I (or shouldn't) do when I'm XX?" and there are only two categories of things in their dictionaries: "what I want to do" and "what I don't want to do". Of course, it doesn't mean that you have to have a youthful appearance, live like a young man, and live like a young man. If many things are too deliberate, they will become antonyms of themselves. Deliberately do not care, but care very much; deliberately interesting the most boring; deliberate self-confidence is a kind of inferiority complex. Deliberately pursue "youth", no matter how much Botox can not hide the aging of the face. Only the young soul can not deceive people, the young soul knows how to let the body do what it likes. Even if what you like is raising birds, playing tai chi, and dancing in the square, these things that are labeled "hobbies for middle-aged and elderly people" are embracing youth as long as you can enjoy them.

Youth is not a period, but an attitude. For some people, youth never comes; for others, it never leaves.